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Medical Advertising and

Medical Marketing and Managed Services

Physicians, Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Medical Spas, and Dental Practices

A.D.Ventures Media Solutions has over two decades of experience in advertising and marketing for physicians, medical clinics, hospitals, dental practices, and medical spas. We are proud to be partnered with E-Doc Business Solutions. Today’s patient is well informed and has a major voice in their health care choices. Patients have choices in treatments regardless if they are medically advised, or an elective procedure. We will brand your practice with solutions from traditional media such as radio and television, and will insure your digital footprint stands out. We provide media plans for digital, web, social media management, SEO, SEM, and business directory listings.

E-Doc Business Solutions also offers turn key management solutions for your practice. Is your practice up-to-date with HIPPA compliance? Are your medical records paperless? We can assist with management of staff, billing, insurance, sight planning, software, medical protocols, and work place flow. E-Doc can create a practice that produces a return on investment in a short period of time.

Medical practices need digital and social visibility, your patients are searching for you 24/7.

Adaptive design websites, and digital elements are vital. The majority of potential patients have researched the services your practice provides. E-Doc can keep your website updated with new relevant content on a monthly basis so your practice is discoverable in search. Medical practices can thrive with the proper usage of digital, social, and traditional media sources.

Automotive Industry


A.D.Ventures Media Solutions of Memphis has over 21 years in helping automotive dealerships succeed in any business climate. We speak and understand the automotive world.

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Medical Industry


A.D.Ventures Media Solutions can develop a creative marketing plan portraying your practice as approachable, compassionate and the practice that has a solid track record of positive results.

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Retail & Services Industry

Retail & Services

Retail and service business owners make up a large portion of the A.D.Ventures Media Solutions client base. If your doors are open, advertising is key to survive with competition in the marketplace.

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Equine Services


Digital exposure is full force with Equine Businesses. High exposure via digital web ads, search engine optimization and social media are major pieces to your equine media plan.

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