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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With today’s ever changing media world social media has become one of the elements of digital marketing and is a portion of Fusion Marketing which correctly connects traditional television, radio, print, digital and social media. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin are just a few examples. Social media has become a valid form of marketing for business and many social media sources have extensive tools for targeting specific demographics.

A.D.Ventures Media Solutions is versed at combining traditional media with presence in the social circle. Most media plans today have a mix of television, radio, and print with social media. Effective campaigns can integrate an electronic message with a businesses’ social media presence that is targeted to a specific demo or audience. Facebook and other social media have the ability to qualify pay per click ads and ‘like’ campaigns to a specific gender, age, income level, geographic zip code, language, education, work, home, politics, behaviors and personal interests. A.D.Ventures encounters many businesses that have social media business pages but don’t actively feed or post to their potential clients.

A.D.Ventures Media Solutions offers services for small and large businesses to keep an “active and breathable” presence on social media sites and can implement targeted campaigns that produce return on investment. Social media has also become a huge portion of search engine optimization and is viewed by Google as a credible portion for indexing and recognizing a website. Relative and fresh content is vital to achieve results for all major search engines and is part of the overall battle to be on the first page of relevant key words that relate to a business.

Blogging is very effective in adding fresh content to websites and is followed by many potential customers and clients. If a business is to succeed and lead in today’s competitive market all materials with social media need to be fresh and contain material and information that is relevant and current to the business model. Today more than 90 percent of customers have educated themselves before purchasing a product or service through a company’s website, blog or social media presence.

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