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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising in Memphis can be another important part of a business’s media mix. Radio station choices in large markets can be overwhelming and fragmented but can be a powerful tool in reaching your audience if your message is matched perfectly to your consumer.

With the ever-changing media market many competitors sell against radio stations stating “everyone listens to satellite today or has tuned into Pandora.” The simple fact remains if your audience or business is located in a city or metro area many local radio stations reach large audiences especially during morning and afternoon drives.

Radio stations have popular on-air talent and consumers become engaged on what’s happening in Memphis or the area of the Mid-South they live in. Statistics are proven with ratings and share that radio still has a lot of benefits to local and national businesses. Radio fragmentation is a challenge however; television advertising today provides hundreds of program choices.

Audiences, products and services can be aligned yielding amazing results. Businesses can target an audience with fresh and creative messages that are delivered with the correct reach and frequency to a pinpointed audience.

A.D.Ventures Media Solutions of Memphis always states “media buying is not rocket science”, however even the most creative of campaigns can result in dismal return on investments if the reach and frequency is not calculated with the targeted demo of each and every radio campaign

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