Television 4K, Short and Long Form Video For Social and Digital Media, Radio and Podcasting.

Does your business need video and podcasting?

Yes, if you want to compete in today's social and digital stampede.

Make your social and digital exposure rock with professional video and podcasting.

Video is king when it comes to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Short videos deliver an effective message to your followers, clients and customers. Seeing is believing and video views are in all AdVentures client campaigns whenever possible.

Why should you brand your company with video and podcasting?

Keep your followers engaged with your products and services. Having fresh content keeps your audience focused.

  • Video provides both audio and visual elements, which make educating and selling your business products easier to understand. Customers get to know you and your team members through social efforts.

  • Video content engages your customers and tells the story of your business. AdVentures expertly assesses your business needs and develops a plan for each video to express the message you want to send.

  • When it comes to interviewing and topics of conservation, Podcasting thrives. There isn’t one magic formula for successful podcasting, but it is a great catalyst for recording a simple conservation about what’s going on with your business. Many times podcasts are used as an interview platform to speak about a particular topic or series of topics for your business. 

  • Followers enjoy new topics and are more likely to follow if you are consistent in your efforts of producing new Podcasts. The topics you cover should align with your business goals. New episodes should be scheduled regularly, and frequency should be planned.

Do you need ideas on topics for your business podcasts?

It’s just a conversation between people. Consider topics as interviews.

Many businesses have seen positive results with a mixed approach, in which podcasters use conversations and conduct interviews.

Tell your story to your audience

Brands have been successful by obtaining their best orators with expert communication skills or by partnering with experienced podcasters who have had proven success at engaging and building audience.  This is a  way to share your business's message and convey a bigger sense of your brand. To make this method work, it is paramount that every episode requires planning, scripting and practicing. Once the podcast is recorded a short editing session provides a nice podcast that is edited with background audience and is ready for cross promotion of your social channels.

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