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Print Advertising

Print Advertising

“A strong creative team is vital to produce a message that is memorable and has the ability to produce a return on investment.”

When ad agencies refer to print they are speaking in terms of marketing and advertising where a static message is created and placed. Advertising in print sources includes traditional newspapers, magazines, mailers, and billboards. The use of a talented graphic artist and creative team becomes vital. If a message is not created to possess a strong call to action and or branding statement, the message may be missed or overlooked by consumers.

Strong print campaigns are difficult to achieve today without strategic copy writing that includes memorable and creative graphics. The old saying “white space is good” is just part of the overall look, layout and design of each ad campaign that is launched on a print platform. Cost efficient campaigns that produce a return on investment have a message, look, and feel that has been created and properly designed.

Printed materials and marketing go hand in hand. A.D.Ventures Media Solutions designs and creates business point of purchase materials which include business cards, brochures, posters, rack cards, decals, logo wear, hats, mugs, door hangers or any other type of printed material that leads to the point of sale or creates brand identity. A.D.Ventures Media Solutions of Memphis has over 20 years of creating and placing all types of print media and developing amazing printed marketing tools from Memphis to the West Coast of California.

Advertising and Design Elements

  • Logo development and implementation
  • Copy writing
  • Illustration
  • Creative design
  • Call to action

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