The Power of Video for Your Business

Do you want your business to be able to compete and prosper in today’s world? Any business owner does. That is why online video is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. At AdVentures Media Solutions we say, “Video is king,” We say that for a reason. Video works. It is one of the most shared items on the social media.  


Videos can help you in branding your business along with the message you want to convey to potential customers. It is imperative to have a relevant, entertaining, and easy to understand themes that will increase brand association. Video allows your customers to put a face to the name and that builds trust among your consumer demographic. Using video in your social media strategy improves your brand’s reach and consumer awareness.  

Video Strategy 

Video must be planned and produced to target your specific audience and promote lead generation of clients who are seeking your products or service.  Customers who watch video on your company’s website or social media are 97% more likely to buy or use your service than if no video is used. 30 seconds to one-minute of video is extremely successful in encouraging your target demographic to follow up on your call to action.  

Reasons to Use Video 

  • Video is the #1 thing being shared on social media. 
  • Watching a short video is preferred over reading text for 59% of executives 
  • Video viewers who like your video will share it online, taking your reach even further 
  • Adding video to your marketing strategy increases your Search Engine Optimization ratings 
  • The success of video is easily measured through analytics 
  • Video is cost effective if some of it is evergreen 
  • Video is forever. Videos stay online and in Google results. 

AdVentures Media Solutions offers both short and long form videos to add to the media strategy for your business. Our videos engage your customers and tell the story of your business. This leads to brand recognition, trust and gaining new clients. At AdVentures, we believe that seeing is believing and videos are a part of all campaigns whenever possible. Let AdVentures take the reins for your business marketing today. 

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