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AdVentures with Wise Choices

“15 Mid-South service and sales businesses dedicated to consumer protection and customer service in two months, and I couldn’t have done it without Amy Sullivan and AdVentures Media Solutions.

I’ve always preferred working with or for a woman. In my experience, they have more versatile attributes for organization and empathy, and they’re often quicker to smell a rat more interested in self-promotion than consumer protection. Three of my news directors and one of my general managers when I was a news reporter were women; each is among my top five bosses in a 26-year TV news career.”

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Make a Wise Choice!

Make a Wise Choice!

Wise Choices, a one-stop shop for consumer protection and service company endorsements

“I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore.” — Helen Reddy, “I Am Woman,” 1972

Rest easy, Helen. No one’s ignoring women. Not anyone with half a business brain, anyway.

The women of our households make 94 percent of the decisions on home furnishings, 92 percent of vacation decisions, 91 percent of home purchases/repairs, 60 percent of car buys and 51 percent on consumer electronics, according to Harvard Business Review. Yet many small businesses and service companies still take women for granted. The trick is finding the ones who don’t.

You don’t have to do a thing. I’ve found them for you.

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Harvey Hits Home

Harvey Hits Home

I live in Silsbee, TX – a small, fiercely proud town about 15 minutes north of Beaumont. My husband is a football coach,

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Welcome to Ad Chicks!

Welcome to Ad Chicks!

Welcome to Ad Chicks, the ladies behind the scenes of A.D Ventures Media Solutions. We’re all about empowering and encouraging women in business with a behind the scenes look at how we successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, balance life, kids, significant others and work.

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Email Marketing with A.D.Ventures Media Solutions

Communicating via email with your customer database is an easy, affective way to get an important message out to a select group, or all, of your customers at one time. The use of email blast marketing grows annually; so many companies are taking advantage of this direct marketing strategy! Your business can reach your desired audience with a tailored, direct message for the consumer.

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A.D.Ventures Media Solutions: Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

Facebook’s newest advertising tool, Facebook Pixel, is an interesting new tracking tool used to track the movements of your website visitors while they are simultaneously logged on to Facebook. This new tracking system is the most beneficial for ecommerce stores and Facebook businesses without a storefront that sell merchandise online. Pixel has a couple of main functions that can help certain businesses get a better return on your Facebook advertisements.


  1. Website Custom Audiences

This function is how Facebook can help you retarget your website visitors. When you have your unique Pixel ID installed on various pages of your website, it tracks where exactly your web traffic is going. It can record which pages they visit and you can use this data to advertise to a very specific audience. For example, you can advertise to groups of users who have visited your website in a certain period of time (within the last 30 days, within the past 180 days, etc.) or people who have visited a specific page on your website.

  1. Custom Conversions

With Facebook Pixel, you can create a custom conversion based on “completions”  from your webpage. You can target customers who viewed content on your website, searched for items on your site, put items in a wish list, put items in the cart, who added payment information, and who completed an order through to checkout. This can help online retailers determine if their Facebook ads are profitable. Like we previously mentioned, some features of Pixel are best for ecommerce businesses.


Have you tried the new Facebook Pixel for your business yet? A.D.Ventures Media Solutions is currently tracking conversions with Pixel for our clients! A.D.Ventures Media Solutions offers social media management packages, and we’re prepared to execute or develop your business’s social media marketing plan. For a free consultation, please call (901) 605-1949. For more information about what we do, please visit us online at

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A.D.Ventures Media Solutions: Social Media Marketing Advice

Social media marketing for business is booming.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are legit methods of advertising. Utilizing social media correctly is essential for your business. Here are a few tips on how you can be more successful advertising on social media platforms.


  1. Identify your core audience.
  2. How does your brand, product or service stand out with your competition?
  3. Post often on multiple channels.
  4. Always use fresh content.
  5. A post or a paid ad that includes a photo of people and or items from your business will deliver better results than posts without images.
  6. If you are constantly reusing or recycling content, your audience will stop paying attention to you.
  7. If you have written permission to use your client’s photos with your products or services, your post engagement rate can more than double, and serve as simple but effective testimonials.


Facebook and Instagram offer many options of advertising.

For a fee, Facebook and Instagram can be used to boost a post, push traffic to your website, click to call, audience extensions, and so much more. Facebook has one of the best methods of highly targeting a specific audience that is tuned in to your product or service. Having a paid monthly advertising budget is essential to grow your presence on social media.


One more thing to mention,

all results of your campaign are visible. If you can understand them, you can buy social media very efficiently. Social media management is a full time job that requires daily posting of creative and engaging content that relates to your product, and or services.


A.D.Ventures Media Solutions offers social media management packages, and we’re prepared to execute or develop your business’s social media marketing plan. For a free consultation, please call (901) 605-1949. For more information about what we do please visit us online at

Author: Amy Antcliffe

#ADVenturesmediasolutions #SocialMedia #facebook #socialmediamarketing


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A.D.Ventures Media Solutions: Business Opportunities with Social Media

Are you wondering how social media can benefit your business? There is an enormous amount of opportunity to grow and market your brand when you have the right social marketing strategy!

Raise Your Profile and Increase Brand Awareness

By creating your businesses’ social media profile the correct way, you raise your profile and increase brand awareness. Having up-to-date information and a completed profile will help your page be shown to the customers who want information about your brand.

Listen To What Customers Say About Your Brand

Social media gives your customers the opportunity to let you know what they think about your brand. Your customers can give you a star rating from one to five. This also puts you in a position to respond to comments left by customers on your page.

Establish an Open Line of Communication for Customer Service

Most social media sites have messaging; this feature allows your customers to reach out to you privately and directly if they have any questions or concerns. Responding quickly to these messages helps to improve customer loyalty because the customer knows that you care about their needs.

Manage your Businesses’ Reputation

Your customers have the right to express themselves. If a negative review is posted on your page, it is very important to acknowledge the issue as fast as possible and come up with a solution. On the other hand, when your customers are satisfied you can enjoy amplified ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and testimonials.


A.D.Ventures Media Solutions is well-versed in social media management and we’re prepared to execute your business’s social media marketing plan. For a free consultation, please call (901) 605-1949. For more information about what we do please visit us online at


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Adventures Media Solutions: Fusing Content, Social Media & SEO

Adventures Media Solutions

is blogging this week about content marketing, social media and SEO. We have some tips on why fusing these three aspects is valuable to your businesses’ marketing strategy.

Content marketing

is all about informing and entertaining your audience. There are many ways to execute your content marketing. First and foremost, you want your consumers to know what is going on with your business. Promoting specials, sales and offers is the easiest form of content marketing. The entertainment element is where the fun comes in. Posting funny memes or trending funny videos will lighten the mood of your business’ online presence.

Social media

is about engaging and getting to know your businesses audience and followers. Social media is the simplest platform for promoting your content. All it takes is a quick status update and your content is out to all your consumers and followers.


is about making sure all your technical t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted within your website. It’s no surprise that SEO, social media, and content marketing are finding under the same umbrella.


To learn more about content marketing, social media & SEO efforts for your business contact us (901) 605-1949 for a free consultation! You can also visit us online at


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Adventures Media Solutions: Print Advertising

We have heard for years that print is on its way out of the digital world.

While print may be down it’s certainly not out of the game. Have you ever checked your email and simply felt overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your inbox? Consumers many times overlook or delete emails without even opening them due to too many emails. With email technology, your email account now has a mind of its own. It can mark some of your emails as spam therefore; some emails will not even make it to your inbox! Print advertising is effective by giving your consumer’s the information they need directly.

One creative way to think of print

is when a consumer has your brochure with them it becomes a traveling salesperson. Your consumers can physically share your businesses’ information without a WIFI connection. Not everyone uses the Internet as their primary route to access information believe it or not. Also, not every business’ target audience belongs to the digital era. Generations X and Y and baby boomers exhibit higher brand loyalty and they spend more money than the millennia’s. (*

Today the term “print advertising”

can essentially rings in ones ear as dollar signs being flushed down the toilet. When Adventures Media Solutions refers to print we are confident print advertising can still be efficient and relevant to your specific target audience.


Contact Adventures Media Solutions today for all your advertising needs. Call (901) 605-1949. Or visit our website


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